We find growth markets for our clients, evolve the market strategy and drive implementation with the internal team. 

The added value: You systematically expand market success in existing and new target groups. Customers are convinced with added value – growth targets are achieved – ROI is increased.


Find growth markets

Companies want to increase business and build additional revenue streams. Customer Experts discover new revenue and profit potentials for clients. Firstly, we explore up-/cross-selling opportunities in the company’s existing customer base: We analyse the internal CRM data as well as the external competition to identify the right approach to increase customer lifetime value. Secondly, we find new growth markets and new target customers. We show how the company can leverage upon its unique strengths to beat the competition. We systematically evaluate the growth potentials and the necessary investments and facilitate management decisions. 


Our clients see where they can generate further growth and profit in the future. They make targeted investment decisions with a high probability of success and calculated risk. Ultimately, they dedicate their product development and marketing resources towards the areas with the biggest potential.


Conquer markets

Companies want to conquer future markets. Customer Experts are sparring partners when it comes to the development of the market strategy. The starting point is a systematic map of the target market, the target customers and the competitors. Based on those findings, we determine the basis for a successful marketing strategy:  what changes to the solution offer are necessary for the market? What are the USPs that differentiate us from the competition? Which key customers or intermediaries are we most likely to win? 


A coherent market strategy is the engine for future success. Our clients focus their investments on the target customers and partners with the highest probability of success. Product/service development is optimally aligned with market needs. Marketing initiatives are precisely targeted. Overall, our clients achieve a shorter time-to-market and sustainable sales success.

Energise Sales

Win more deals

Companies want to convince as many customers as possible. Customer Experts develop the core marketing message with your team. We deliver an extensive customer-oriented marketing and sales argumentation. This message is ready for immediate use – If desired, we also test the argumentation with your final customers. Collaborating with the internal project team, we develop an implementation plan for the lead generation campaign and pipeline building. In the implementation phase we are available for coaching according to your organization’s needs. 


Energise sales drives the marketing initiative forward. The marketing department is now able to set specific and aligned actions for lead generation, while sales now has a value argumentation kit that supports their sales pitches right away. Using the kit, sales reps gain their potential customer’s attention, interest and desire to further investigate the product. The client accelerates his sales activities, builds up a qualitative opportunity pipeline and accomplishes fast and sustainable sales efforts.

Generate Value

Convince customers

Our clients aim to improve the customer experience for their customers. The key success factor is a clearly perceived added value for the customer at all touchpoints. Developing a coherent value proposition is at the core of many of our consulting projects. But how do we build such a value proposition? The basis is a canvas of identified pains and gains of end customers as well as typical decision makers and competitors. We uncompromisingly take the perspective of the end customer and portray the added values with relevance for the purchasing decision. This results in a coherent and convincing value proposition.


An effective value proposition anchors the company in the mind of the customer. Our client is able to specifically answer the pain and gains the customer is driven by.  This generates more attention and more customer response. A good value proposition thus is the cornerstone for more customer interaction, more deals, greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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