Our clients reach their goals: More customers, more revenue, more profit …. and a higher return on investment in existing and new markets. 

What’s Customer Experts’ contribution? Firstly, we support clients in business development – our projects thus increase revenue. Secondly, our projects increase productivity in marketing and sales – which means cost efficiency.

Market strategies that pay off


  • New markets, faster innovation
  • More leads, more opportunities
  • Better customer experience
  • More revenue, more earnings

New markets, faster innovation

Entering new markets or launching new products or services requires dedicated resources and time. Though crucial to long-term success, companies are often fully occupied with defending and growing the existing business. Customer Experts offer shortcuts to innovation. We support innovations from the first idea to the go-to-market – from the needs assessment with target customers to a profound business case. Your benefit is a shorter time-to-market. You achieve a target-oriented market launch. You win key customers and partners at an early stage and enter new future markets.

More leads, more opportunities

Being a pro, you know, that a good sales pipeline today is crucial for tomorrow’s sales success. Therefore, you want to set the right marketing and sales activities in the target markets. Customer Experts provides your go-to-market initiative with the necessary equipment: the most suitable target customers, a convincing value proposition, spot-on marketing messages and effective sales tools. Using this equipment, you achieve a larger and more focused pipeline. Marketing produces numerous qualified leads – sales effectively develops more opportunities.

Better customer experience

Why does the customer buy from us? How can we support the customer best throughout the customer journey? How can we win more customers? These questions are at the core of your marketing strategy. Customer Experts get to the heart of these questions and deliver effective marketing messages and sales argumentations. Together we will find the levers to consequently deliver value for your customers. In the implementation, you achieve more attention and improved perception among your customers. You keep your promises and optimise all customer touchpoints. This is the foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

More revenue, more earnings

When drawing the bottom line, the ultimate goal of any sales system is the financial outcome: revenue and EBIT. Customer Experts are partners for your marketing and sales organisation on your path to success. We strengthen your marketing – you achieve higher response rates and more leads. We coach your sales reps to focus on the right opportunities and to systematically increase success rates. You see the result in your figures: You gain new customers, you increase your market share, you achieve more revenue and higher profit.

CUSTOMER EXPERTS increase efficiency:

Higher productivity in marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are an investment that must pay off. Your goal is the highest possible return on the invested euro. Customer Experts generate momentum for the optimisation of marketing / sales processes and CRM systems. We bring in experience and best practices from different industries, sales channels and companies. You achieve significant process improvements and increase the impact of your sales initiative. Marketing and sales increase success rates and save valuable time – this means higher productivity. 

Higher efficiency in customer service and operations

The smooth and efficient operation of your service processes is a key profit driver. Customer Experts support the analysis and optimisation of business processes. Based on the target customer benefit, we define optimised performance, logistics and service processes. Working with us, you can achieve pragmatic, yet beneficial improvements.