Marketing and sales are the investments in future market access. Performance and service processes are an investment in the future customer experience. These investments should pay off for entrepreneurs and shareholders. 

Customer Experts support companies in finding the right alignment of channels, marketing, sales and service organisations, processes and IT tools. The added value for our clients: they increase productivity.

OptimiSe Marketing / Sales

Increase return on invest

Many clients ask the question: “How can we become more efficient in marketing and sales?” Customer Experts are partners for the optimisation of marketing and sales processes. We bring in experience from leading sales organisations. Cooperating with the internal experts, we find the right mix of online and offline channels to reach your market goals. We optimise the entire process chain: from lead generation to opportunity management and risk assessment to closing the deal.


Our clients achieve a productive and cost-efficient organisation: Traditional physical channels are optimised – clients reach a higher output with the same resources. Digital marketing and digital sales channels deliver measurable return for our clients.

Streamline Service / Operations

Increase cost-benefit ratio

Many clients ask the question: “How do we optimise the customer experience while keeping costs under control?” Customer Experts are partners for process optimisation from order processing to customer service. We work with you to design processes that efficiently meet the requirements of your market. In process design, we emphasise on a high degree of flexibility – so you can react to future market changes.


You achieve an optimal balance of process performance, speed, agility and costs. At the same time, you improve the customer experience sustainably: The customer feels your added value at every touchpoint.

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